About the exhibition «Fireplaces Salon»

The first specialized exhibition of the fireplace industry Fireplaces Salon became one of the key events in April 2005. Today, the experts confidently call this event the most successful and promising exhibition project in the fireplace industry in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Archive of exhibition: exhibition results, media gallery, events, participants

The concept of the exhibition is not just a demonstration of some models of fireplaces, stoves, heating equipment and accessories, but offers complete interior solutions to identify new trends in «hot industry». Another positive aspect is an increase in the number of Russian manufacturers of fireplaces and heaters. While in previous years the Russian participants of the exhibition represented mostly foreign brands, currently the market is expanded by domestic brands.

The guests of Fireplaces Salon have a unique opportunity to see a wide selection of fireplaces, stoves and heating equipment offered by domestic and foreign manufacturers. Also the visitors can find the original author's solution of fireplaces and stoves in the interior, the latest cladding materials and fuel, become participants of conferences, workshops and other events.

The exhibition space attracts a large number of exhibitors from Russia and the countries of near and far abroad: Belgium, Czech Republic, Belarus, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Sweden, USA, what gives the right to speak about the popularity of the project.