The exhibition «Fireplaces Salon – 2018»

«Barbecues and grills - 2018»

The focal point of the XIV International Exhibition «Fireplaces Salon» was the BARBECUES&GRILLS exposition.

Business program of exhibitions

The exhibition «Fireplaces Salon – 2017»

«Barbecues and grills - 2017»

One of the major sections of the XIII International exhibition FIREPLACES SALON was the exposition BARBECUES&GRILLS – 2017, at which equipment for cooking (barbecue and grills) was presented, as well as tools and accessories for barbecue. The general partner of the exposition was Schmid Feuerungstechnik GmbH & Co.KG. — one of the largest companies in Germany in the field of development and production of fireplace and stove inserts.

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