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SAUNDAY company is the only Russian manufacturer of modular garden barbecue stoves. We offer a wide range - more than 50 models, from simple models with barbecue to functional oven-barbecue with cauldron and stove, as well as modern barbecue facilities, including Russian oven and smokehouse. The universality of our furnaces barbecue allows even the smallest and simplest models include items such as a stove, cauldron, barbecue, grill and smokehouse. In the manufacture of stoves, barbecue grills, we use high-quality Austrian brick Terca. Any, even the most complex model of oven-barbecue aggregates for one day of the modules, which are manufactured in our factory in St. Petersburg! We guarantee the highest quality, durability and functionality for the reasonable price.

Phones: +7 (921) 933-3133, +7 (960) 243-3920

Participated in exhibitions

International exhibition «Fireplaces Salon - 2015»
International Fireplaces Salon — 2016
The exhibition «Fireplaces Salon – 2017»
The exhibition «Fireplaces Salon – 2018»
The exhibition «Fireplaces Salon – 2019»
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