«Barbecues and grills - 2019»

«Barbecues and grills - 2019»

Date: March 21 - 24, 2019
Venue: International Exhibition Centre «Crocus Expo»

The focal point of the XV International Exhibition «Fireplaces Salon» will be the BARBECUES&GRILLS exposition.

Camping is impossible without cooking on an open fire. Nevertheless, spherical grill boiler was invented in the mid-twentieth century, later barbecues appeared. The word «barbecue» (a barbecue or bbq) has an English origin and means «cooking on an open fire».

Russians are sociable and hospitable people, and cooking on an open fire engage them a lot as friendly gathering is the best outdoor relaxation. BBQ is an important element of a garden, and it is worth giving a special attention to this focal point of the garden.

Cooking device range for outdoor areas is as varied as garden designs. As a part of the Fireplaces Salon exhibition, Barbecues and grills will present equipment for cooking (barbecues and grills), tools, and barbecue accessories.

But barbecue area is not just a stove or fireplace and a leisure complex. A very important part of the BBQ zone is gazebo. It brings comfort, cozy and calm atmosphere providing you with the full relaxation during weekends. The style and design of a gazebo is often determined by its flooring. Wood decking or natural stone are the most suitable materials for it. Of course, not least important is functional and comfortable garden furniture for comfort relaxation.

A huge variety of garden materials, outdoor furniture and accessories will delight visitors’ eyes during four days of the Fireplaces Salon exhibition: from the 1 to 4 March, 2018 in the Crocus Expo fairground.

Our aim is to create a cozy outdoor space for the special moments of your life!

General Sponsor of the exhibition Barbecues&Grills 2018 - Schmid Company.

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